Master Duel World Championship 2023 Qualifier

Master Duel World Championship 2023 Qualifier was held from 15 – 29 May 2023 and is the fourth competitive ladder grind event. Players would have to reach Duelist Level 20 in Stage 1 before they could participate in Stage 2, where everyone would be ranked based on their accumulated Duelist Points.

Top players of each region are invited to the Master Duel World Championship 2023 and they will be inviting 2 other players from the same region to join their team.

Area A: Japan (1st, 2nd)
Area B: Asia (1st)
Area C: North America (1st, 2nd)
Area D: Latin America (1st)
Area E: Europe/Middle East/Oceania/Africa (1st, 2nd)

Top 100 Metagame Breakdown

  • 26 Ishizu Tearlaments (25.5 Ishizu Tearlaments, 0.5 Branded Ishizu Tearlaments)
  • 15.33 Exosister
  • 7.83 Melffy Spright
  • 2.33 Flowandereeze
  • 2 Numeron
  • 1.33 Magician
  • 1 Endymion
  • 1 Luna
  • 1 Mathmech
  • 1 Meta Beat
  • 1 Zefra
  • 0.5 Ishizu Tearlaments Adamancipator
  • 0.33 Naturia Runick
  • 0.33 Rikka

Of the Top 100 players, currently only 61 players and their decks have been made known.

Unlike traditional tournaments where players are locked into a single deck after submitting their deck lists, the Master Duel World Championship 2023 Qualifier allows players to freely switch between decks. For this tabulation, if the player ran multiple different decks, then the weightage of each deck will be divided by the total decks played. For example, Gimlet finished in global rank 3rd and played 3 different decks during his Duelist Cup grind, thus contributing 0.33 Ishizu Tearlaments, 0.33 Exosister and 0.33 Melffy Spright to the overall tally.

A special mention to たすく for achieving back-to-back global rank 1st in both Master Duel Duelist Cup 2023 March and Master Duel World Championship 2023 Qualifier.

Top 100 Results

1st A 1st ★ たすく Melffy Spright
Branded Ishizu Tearlaments
2nd A 2nd ★ ぼーぎん Ishizu Tearlaments [2]
3rd B 1st ★ Gimlet Ishizu Tearlaments
Melffy Spright
4th A 3rd シロッコくん Exosister [4]
5th A 4th つきかげ Ishizu Tearlaments [5]
6th A 5th ふぁ。 Exosister [6]
7th B 6th さくま Melffy Spright [7]
8th B 2nd 鲁连清 Ishizu Tearlaments [8]
9th A 7th 七代目火影
10th A 8th abc Ishizu Tearlaments [10]
11th B 3rd Messi GOAT! Ishizu Tearlaments Adamancipator
Melffy Spright
12th E 1st ★ Isk Ishizu Tearlaments
Melffy Spright
13th E 2nd ★ Josh Ishizu Tearlaments
Melffy Spright
14th D 1st ★ JUD£UYGO Ishizu Tearlaments
Naturia Runick
15th E 3rd QuantalThink Ishizu Tearlaments [15]
16th A 9th ばめも Ishizu Tearlaments [16]
17th C 1st ★ Teiantou
18th E 4th FAZU
19th A 10th をの字 Luna [19]
20th A 11th 翔太@ Ishizu Tearlaments [20]
21st B 4th 뉴비에오 Floowandereeze [21]
22nd B 5th Farmer
23rd B 6th
24th E 5th hiimnas
25th E 6th Eric_T
26th C 2nd ★ raysian Exosister [26]
27th B 7th 橘子漂漂er
28th B 8th 아테나 Melffy Spright [28]
29th A 12th ライト
30th A 13th 456 Exosister [30]
31st C 3rd LESTIFISA
32nd A 14th よう、 Ishizu Tearlaments [32]
33rd B 9th soul
34th E 7th Bohdan T Ishizu Tearlaments [34]
35th A 15th
36th A 16th 人狼餅 Ishizu Tearlaments
37th A 17th sora Ishizu Tearlaments [37]
38th A 18th
39th A 19th
40th D 20th LeoN Ishizu Tearlaments [40]
41st C 4th TSX1 Melffy Spright
Ishizu Tearlaments
42nd B 10th 김덕후 Rikka
Ishizu Tearlaments
43rd B 11th
44th B 12th
45th A 20th なむる Ishizu Tearlaments [45]
46th B 13th
47th B 14th
48th A 21st にがみ Ishizu Tearlaments [48]
49th A 22nd 軍神サバイバー Ishizu Tearlaments
Melffy Spright
50th A 23rd
51st A 24th
52nd A 25th ふくすけ Melffy Spright [52]
53rd B 15th
54th C 5th 不動明王
55th A 26th 蛭谷さん Numeron [55]
56th A 27th tani Exosister [56]
57th A 28th EEVEE Exosister [57]
58th A 29th
59th B 16th 잠만보ㅡㅡ Exosister [59]
60th A 30th
61st B 17th 无敌的北极天熊 Ishizu Tearlaments [61]
62nd B 18th
63rd A 31st とまとーま Ishizu Tearlaments [63]
64th A 32nd
65th A 33rd えむけー Exosister [65]
66th A 34th ろろろんど Exosister [66]
67th A 35th おとといのカレー Ishizu Tearlaments
68th A 36th
69th A 37th ビギ Floowandereeze [69]
70th A 38th 剣闘獣神 Meta Beat [70]
71st A 39th ギャグナ Ishizu Tearlaments [71]
72nd A 40th 八雲。 Numeron [72]
73rd A 41th scudo Magician [73]
74th A 42th 凶鳥shrike Exosister [74]
75th A 43rd アカシア Exosister [75]
77th A 紅葉あきら Exosister [77]
79th A 46th アルト Ishizu Tearlaments [79]
80th B BackFlash Ishizu Tearlaments [80]
81st A 47th シーアーチャー Ishizu Tearlaments
Melffy Spright
82nd A 48th ハネウマ Exosister [82]
83rd A 49th カズカズ Mathmech [83]
86th A 51st 罵倒する虚無 Zefra [86]
87th A 52nd いわと Ishizu Tearlaments [87]
88th A 53rd
89th A 54th
90th A 55th ナメクジタツー Melffy Spright [90]
93rd A 57th クロト Exosister [93]
94th A 58th メタクズ Ishizu Tearlaments [94]
95th A 59th Rain Ishizu Tearlaments [95]
96th A 60th SeisCore Endymion [96]
100th B 回转的咖啡杯


1st, たすく [Melffy Spright][Branded Ishizu Tearlaments]

Source: @tasukusuraimu1 A, B


2nd, ぼーぎん [Ishizu Tearlaments]

Source: @yugioh_bogin


3rd, Gimlet [Ishizu Tearlaments][Exosister][Melffy Spright]

Source: @Aviation1030


4th, シロッコくん [Exosister]

Source: @sirokkokun


5th, つきかげ [Ishizu Tearlaments]

Source: @zzzzzzbh


6th, ふぁ。 [Exosister]

Source: @yamamu200


7th, さくま [Melffy Spright]

Source: @sakuma801


8th, 鲁连清 [Ishizu Tearlaments]

Source: 鲁连清_


10th, abc [Ishizu Tearlaments]

Source: @tuyo_yugi

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