D/D 3-Card-Combo Reference Sheet

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7 Responses

  1. Would love to see some combos with dd savant Thomas πŸ™‚

  2. Enrique GΓ³mez. says:

    I agree with that; Can you show combos using Thomas?

  3. Superbia says:

    Can you show me how to make the field Beatrice + Kali Yuga + Gate/Swamp King Contract with Kepler + Gate Contract + Ragnarok?

    • Akira says:

      ns Kepler β†’ add Swamp King
      activate Gate β†’ add Swirl Slime
      activate Swirl Slime (+ Ragnarok) β†’ ss Genghis #1
      activate Swamp King (Kepler + Swirl Slime) β†’ ss Genghis #2
      when Genghis #2 is ss, trigger Genghis #1 β†’ ss Ragnarok
      xyz Genghis #1 + Genghis #2 β†’ ss Beatrice
      activate Beatrice (detach Genghis) β†’ send Necro Slime
      activate Necro Slime (+ Genghis) β†’ ss Beowulf
      xyz Beowulf + Ragnarok β†’ Kali Yuga

    • Superbia says:


  4. John says:

    any way you can make a deck profile or a list to use as a skeleton?

  5. shacher eliyahu says:

    can you make more combos with the new d/d cards and maybe deck profile

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