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Destrudo ABC

Destrudo, the Dead Drake of Dread is a Level 7 Tuner Dragon from the latest Booster Set, Circuit Break. By targeting a Level 6 or lower monster on the field, it could Special Summon itself from hand or...


Zoodiac Ramram

Maximum Crisis came with 2 new Zoodiac Xyz monsters – Zoodiac Chakanine and Zoodiac Hammerkong. Zoodiac Chakanine in particular has very good synergy with Zoodiac Ramram that brings new combos as well as improve some of the older...


Zoodiac Engine

It has been 2 months since the debut of Zoodiac and their playstyle have changed slightly since the previous Zoodiac article. We will revisit the Zoodiac core combo, and also explore the various hybrid builds that have benefited...



Zoodiac has been performing extremely well since their debut in Raging Tempest. They can set up a strong board with just a single card, or dish out 9000 damage with just 2 cards. This article will showcase some...


D/D 3-Card-Combo Reference Sheet

A visual guide to display the the optimal result that could be achieved with various 3-card combinations of D/D Swirl Slime, D/D Necro Slime, D/D Lamia, D/D Savant Kepler, D/D Savant Copernicus, D/D/D Oblivion King Abyss Ragnarok and/or...


D/D (Beatrice Combo)

The Japan World Championship Qualifier 2016 saw 3 out of 4 invitations being won by D/D, and the common factor among them was that all 3 were running Beatrice, Lady of the Eternal. D/D has some weaker opening...


D/D (Advance Combo)

Continuing from the previous Basic Combo post, this article will cover the more complicated 4-card combos.


D/D (Basic Combo)

While Kaiba’s Blue-Eyes may be dominating the competitive scene, Akaba’s D/D could proved to be a dark horse in the OCG 2016.04 format. A victory in the YOT Taiwan 2016 and a strong steady showing in recent Japanese...


Performapal Dracoslayer

The new OCG 2016.01 Forbidden and Limited List has severely crippled Performage, but Performapal is not out of the race yet. Combined with Dracoslayer, Performapal is still able to perform a pretty crazy combo, keeping Performapal Dracoslayer as...


Beast-Eyes Pendulum Dragon

Over the past weeks, the price of Beast-Eyes Pendulum Dragon has been on a steady rise from a mere ¥500 to over ¥2200. Spoilers of the upcoming set, Clash of Rebellions, revealed various Red-Eyes cards, enabling a new...