D/D (Basic Combo)

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  1. Jacob says:

    I think this DDD’s fate will be same as performapal bcuz to many adder

    • Jin Guo says:

      Nah, unlike performapals, DD/DDDs are once per name effects. You can’t ban or limit something that already has a limit.

      • Jimmy Lars says:

        Were you dropped on the head? Skullcrobat Joker, Pendulum Sorcerer, Draco Face-Off, Wisdom-Eye Magician all have “once per name” effects, yet they’re still dangerous enough to earn their Limited statuses.

  2. peter gross says:

    Why this game have an auto play

  3. kony says:

    Could you possible make some combos involving D/D Orthros and D/D Savant Thomas??

    • Akira says:

      There isn’t actually much complex combos going on with those two cards.

      D/D Orthros is pretty much just played for its Spell/Trap destruction Pendulum Effect, while D/D Savant Thomas is just used to bring out D/D/D Oblivion King Abyss Ragnarok for a quick Xyz Summon of D/D/D Duo-Dawn King Kali Yuga.

      Both cards are simply tech choices against Metalfoes, which experienced a resurgence in popularity in the recent OCG metagame.

  4. Dion says:

    What main deck cards would you choose to replace Pot of Desires for us poor people?

    • Akira says:

      Upstart Goblin would be a good replacement in the OCG. For the TCG, I would go for the Thomas build so I could run Trade-In instead.

      • Dion says:

        Thanks a bunch, thoughts on Where Arf Thou?

        • Akira says:

          Where Arf Thou? is a very situational card that is usually ran as an one-of. While it helps when you opened with D/D Savant Kepler, it is mostly mediocre when you opened with D/D Lamia or D/D Necro Slime instead.

          The current OCG builds are no longer running it since it is a very poor card to draw into after Turn 1.

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