YOT Singapore 2015: Feature Match Final

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We are now down to just 2 duelists. In our very second Yu-Gi-Oh! Open Tournament final match, we have a dark horse going up against a decorated veteran.

Sam Kee

On one side, we have our Asia Idol, Kee Kian Sim “Sam”.

Sam is no stranger to the Asia competitive scene, having accumulated various achievements such as the World Championship 2009 Top 8, World Championship 2011 Malaysia representative, Asia Championship Plus 2010 Champion Team, Asia Championship 2009 Champion and Asia Championship 2013 1st Runner-Up.

Sam is playing with Masked HERO.

Hou Chong

On the other side, we have our Dark Horse, Hou Chong.

Chong has been playing frequently in the local tournaments, but has yet to put a premier-level tournament to his name. Now, he is looking for his very first title.

Chong is playing with Atlantean Mermail.



Duel 1


Chong won the dice roll and opted to go first.

Chong opened with 2 set cards to his backrow and passed his turn.

Sam returned with 3 set cards to his backrow, before passing his turn too.

Chong went on the offense with a Normal Summoned Atlantean Marksman, but was foiled by Sam’s Torrential Tribute.

Sam Normal Summoned Goblindbergh and attempted to use its effect, but it was negated by Chong’s Fiendish Chain after some deliberation.

Chong Normal Summoned Neptabyss the Atlantean Prince, which was met with Sam’s Book of Moon, turning it face-down. Chong passed his turn, but Sam had a Mystical Space Typhoon during the End Phase, destroying the set Vanity’s Emptiness.

With no more set cards in Chong’s backrow, Sam started making his plays. Sam activated E – Emergency Call to fetch Elemental HERO Shadow Mist and Normal Summoned it. 2 cards were set to his backrow and Elemental HERO Bubbleman was Special Summoned from hand. All 3 monsters were Xyz into Tellarknight Ptolemaeus, which became Cyber Dragon Nova through its own effect. Elemental HERO Shadow Mist fetched Elemental HERO Bubbleman. Cyber Dragon Nova was then used to Xyz Summon Cyber Dragon Infinity.

But that was not all! Sam followed with a Soul Charge to bring back all 3 monsters, taking a total of 3000 damage and dropping his life points to 5000. Elemental HERO Bubbleman was then Special Summoned from hand.


Both copies of Elemental HERO Bubbleman together with Goblindbergh were then used to Xyz Summon a second Tellarknight Ptolemaeus. In his End Phase, Tellarknight Ptolemaeus attached Stellarknight Constellar Diamond from the Extra Deck to it as an Xyz Material.

Chong drew and proposed to proceed to his Standby Phase, but Sam had a Mask Change for his Elemental HERO Shadow Mist. Masked HERO Dark Law was Special Summoned and Elemental HERO Stratos was added to his hand. Sam had setup the deadly Masked HERO Dark Law + Cyber Dragon Infinity lockdown!


But Chong was not shaken. He activated Dark Hole, which was promptly negated by Sam’s Cyber Dragon Infinity, and Chong responded immediately with his Book of Eclipse!
The crowd went wild.


Book of Eclipse flipped all the monsters face-down, a perfect answer to Sam’s lockdown.

Chong Flip Summoned his Neptabyss the Atlantean Prince and activated its effect, sending Atlantean Dragoons to fetch Atlantean Marksman and Mermail Abyssmegalo. Mermail Abyssmegalo was then Special Summoned, discarding Atlantean Marksman and Atlantean Heavy Infantry. Abyss-scale of the Mizuchi was added to hand, and the face-down Tellarknight Ptolemaeus was destroyed by Atlantean Marksman.

Mermail Abyssmegalo‘s effect was activated, tributing Neptabyss the Atlantean Prince, which in turn revived Atlantean Marksman. Abyss-scale of the Mizuchi was equipped to Mermail Abyssmegalo.

Mermail Abyssmegalo attacked and destroyed both face-down Masked HERO Dark Law and Cyber Dragon Infinity. Atlantean Marksman went for a direct attack and brought out Neptabyss the Atlantean Prince, which joined in for the attack. Sam was down to 2800 life points.

Sam 2800LP – Chong 8000LP


Sam drew a card, before conceding and reached for his Side Deck.


Sam 0 – Chong 1


Duel 2


Sam opted to go first.

Sam opened with E – Emergency Call, fetching Elemental HERO Stratos. Elemental HERO Stratos was then Normal Summoned, fetching Elemental HERO Shadow Mist. Sam set 4 cards to his backrow before ending his turn.

Chong Normal Summoned Neptabyss the Atlantean Prince, but it was met with Sam’s Diamond Dust. Chong had a Forbidden Lance for it, forcing Sam to activate Compulsory Evacuation Device.

Neptabyss the Atlantean Prince was bounced back to hand, but Chong pitched it with Atlantean Dragoons to Special Summon Mermail Abyssmegalo. Sam responded with Vanity’s Emptiness, stopping Mermail Abyssmegalo in its tracks. Atlantean Dragoons fetched Deep Sea Diva and that was it for Chong’s turn.

Sam attacked with Elemental HERO Stratos for 1800 damage, dropping Chong to 6200 life points. During Sam’s End Phase, Chong activated Ring of Destruction on Elemental HERO Stratos, dealing 1800 damage to both players. The destruction of Elemental HERO Stratos resulted in the self-destruction of Vanity’s Emptiness as well.

Sam 6200LP – Chong 4400LP

Chong Normal Summoned Deep Sea Diva, but it was negated by Sam’s Solemn Warning, dropping Sam’s life points to 4200.

Mermail Abyssmegalo was Special Summoned once again, pitching Deep Sea Diva and Mermail Abysslinde. Mermail Abyssmegalo fetched Abyss-scale of the Mizuchi which was then equipped to it.

Mermail Abyssmegalo went for a direct attack, but was bounced back to hand by Compulsory Evacuation Device.

Sam set a monster and passed.

Chong activated One for One, discarding Mermail Abyssmegalo, to bring out Neptabyss the Atlantean Prince. Neptabyss the Atlantean Prince was activated, sending Atlantean Marksman to fetch Atlantean Marksman. The effect of Atlantean Marksman destroyed Sam’s face-down Elemental HERO Shadow Mist which in turn fetched Elemental HERO Bubbleman.

Neptabyss the Atlantean Prince attacked for 800 damage, dropping Sam to 3400 life points.

Sam Normal Summoned Goblindbergh, which brought out Elemental HERO Shadow Mist. Elemental HERO Shadow Mist fetched Mask Change, which was then activated to turn Elemental HERO Shadow Mist into Masked HERO Anki. Elemental HERO Bubbleman Special Summoned itself from the hand.


Masked HERO Anki attacked and destroyed Neptabyss the Atlantean Prince, fetching Sam another Mask Change. Mask Change was then used to turn Masked HERO Anki into Masked HERO Dark Law, which then attacked for the game!


Sam 1 – Chong 1


Sam has managed to tie the series, bringing this exciting finals to the third and final game!!


Duel 3


Chong chose to go first.

Chong looked through his hand and pondered for a moment. He was carefully running through the combo in his head, ensuring that no mistakes would be made. After all this is an important final game.

Chong Normal Summoned Atlantean Heavy Infantry, allowing him to Normal Summon Deep Sea Diva. Deep Sea Diva brought out Neptabyss the Atlantean Prince, which then sent Atlantean Dragoons to fetch Atlantean Dragoons. Mermail Abyssmegalo was added to hand through the effect of Atlantean Dragoons.

Both Atlantean Dragoons and Atlantean Heavy Infantry were pitched to Special Summon Mermail Abyssmegalo, and Abyss-scale of the Mizuchi and Moulinglacia the Elemental Lord were added to hand.

Deep Sea Diva and Atlantean Heavy Infantry were used to Synchro Summon Herald of the Arc Light, bringing the total count of WATER monsters in Chong’s graveyard to 5. Moulinglacia the Elemental Lord was Special Summoned, discarding E – Emergency Call and Elemental HERO Blazeman.

Abyss-scale of the Mizuchi was equipped to Mermail Abyssmegalo before Chong ends his turn.


It was now Sam’s turn to deliberate his moves.

With a nod, Sam played Tin Goldfish and chose to activate its effect.


Chong contemplated for a while, before electing to negate it with his Herald of the Arc Light.

Sam scooped up his cards and congratulated Chong.


Sam 1 – Chong 2


The crowd rejoiced at Chong’s victory and started chanting his affectionate nickname “Pang Zi” over and over. The Dark Horse has caused an upset by defeating the veteran Asia Idol!


Hou Chong, with his Atlantean Mermail, is your Yu-Gi-Oh! Open Tournament – Singapore 2015 Champion!!

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7 Responses

  1. best deck win,deep sea diva at 1 next ban list. Thanks for the report, amazing job.

  2. Jay says:

    In the second duel, the LP seems to be incorrect, do double check. For eg. after opening with a hero lives, his LP should be at 4000 instead?

    • Akira says:

      Thanks for spotting the mistake, he actually played E – Emergency Call, and not A Hero Lives. Corrected.

  3. Squiddy says:

    so many mediocre plays… guy making the win more ptolemaioa instead of dweller, other guy plays hole before book (wtf?), guy using dimond dust and getting punished when could have used warning to name a few

    • Marcusss says:

      I believe that that play of dark hole before book of eclipse wasnt as mediocre as it seems. As Hou Ching wouldnt exactly have known what Sam would have been able pull out with Ptolemeus, having it done as such would at least prevent ptolemeus from becoming something like Tiras or Pleiades that could very well hinder too, the next few moves of Hou Chong no?

    • junjun says:

      Dark Hole first so his set Prince could survive, that was obvious. And Dweller has no slot to put in also not needed (Dark Law does the job)

  4. Siddharth says:

    What an answer to lockdown

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